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Cybersecurity Predictions for 2015

Jan 01 2015

I don’t personally have any cybersecurity predictions for 2015 but I did read a good deal in the past month from others who do. The focus by most cybersecurity practitioners seems to be on businesses and for good reason. Where does that leave the rest of us? Well if you watched the news in the past few months cybersecurity has been in the headlines repeatedly between the breaches at Target, JPMorgan Chase, and Sony to name a few. In the case of Target and JPMorgan Chase there were potentially millions of individual accounts affected which could include you and I. Distilling the predictions made by others to the issues that affect most users of the Internet I’d recommend you focus on some of the basic principles of security highlighted in Cybersecurity for Everyone : Securing your home and small business network.

Getting to the Why (Why I wrote Cybersecurity for Everyone)

Dec 30 2014

I've had several people ask me why I decided to write a book on Cybersecurity. The main reason is because I did not believe there were any good books on the subject written for anyone who wasn't an IT professional and I believed I could write a book everyone could understand. From some of the feedback I received while writing the book and since being published indicates I achieved my goal. 

New links for Kid Safe Browsers

Dec 17 2014

I received a note from someone who is teaching Internet Safety to young kids in an after school program. It's always nice to hear from others doing their best to help others how to use the Internet safely. As a result we've added a few links to two different browsers designed with young kids in mind, one of which is actually designed for kids with autism. 

Setting up Your New Computer

Dec 15 2014

When you get a new computer you want to get it out of the box and start playing with it right a way. I totally understand but I want you to start applying your security in layers and help take a bite our of cybercrime one computer at a time. So what can you do to get started on the right track from day one?

Don't rely on Anti-Virus software alone.

Dec 06 2014

Security is more than just using anti-virus software. Good security is applied in layers and includes anti-virus software but it's not only one thing. Start with your perimeter (router/firewall) and work your way in by applying best practices to your home or small business network to get the best protection for your situation.  Check out this article by Robert Lemos written for and after you've read his article I recommend you take a few minutes to bookmark the website. It has a lot of excellent articles that will help everyone...not just IT professionals.

Simplifying Cybersecurity

Nov 28 2014

I've spent the better part of the last 30 years working in very secure environments. I was a Cryptologic Technician in the Navy for 20 years and have worked as a security specialist for the Army for the past 10 years. In both environments everyone is taught the basics of security because it's considered to be essential. Because it's essential the focus is to make it as easy for everyone to understand as possible. When I first started learning about cybersecurity it was all very confusing but I stayed with it and figured out that anyone can learn about cybersecurity and apply the basics to improve their security.