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Day 31 #NCSAM - Review of Some Resources Shared this Month #CyberAware

Oct 31 2015

There have been so many good things shared this month I decided to share a few of my favorites. Check out these links for information on topics that may interest you.

Some Foreign Language Resources for Cybersecurity!

Japanese Tips & Advice

安全なオンライン生活習慣のためのヒント & アドバイスです

Spanish Tips & Advice

Para. Piensa. Conectate.™ es la educación nacional de ciberseguridad y la campaña de sensibilización.

French (Canadian) Tips & Advice

Arrêtez. Réfléchissez. Branchez-vous. ™est la campagne nationale de sensibilisation à la cybersécurité.

Portuguese (Brazilian) Tips & Advice

Russian Tips & Advice

Virtual Private Network on the Go

 Here is an article about SurfEasy which is a portable VPN solution. The Toronto, Canada based company has been acquired by Opera which is a technology company who provides a host of products and services to help you connect to the Internet. SurfEasy talks Internet Privacy and #CyberAware.

 18 Tips to Safeguard Your Mobile Devices, Social Media

. This tip was provided by the Department of Defense on DoDLive.

Cybersecurity For Everyone Securing your home or small business network


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