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Signal App for iPhone & Android

Nov 04 2015

If you like your privacy and use text and/or talk to others using a VoIP app over your phone then you should check out "Signal". If you were already using it with your iPhone or were using "TextSecure" on your Android phone then you need to get the update if you haven't already. Signal combines secure texting and secure phone calls to other Signal users. If you are an Apple user and want to be able to text privately with Android users then you need Signal. Signal, unlike Apple's iMessage will allow you to text and talk securely with other users who have it installed on either an iPhone or an Android. Apple's iMessage will only give you secure texting with other iMessage users so Signal allows you to cross the digital divide and increase your privacy when chatting with anyone who also uses Signal. You do not need to use a separate messaging app if the person you are chatting with doesn't use Signal so don't worry about compatibility issues. Go ahead and start enjoying secure texting and secure VoIP calls to other Signal users. Open Whisper System's Signal.

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