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Cybersecurity is not an App!

Nov 17 2015

Cybersecurity is not an app, it's a habit. Change your habits not your app. Be more .

The truth about being more secure in cyberspace is to learn new habits. When we start learning how to do something new the focus is on doing it and having fun. We don't typically I'm going to learn how to do this and be secure or safe at the same time. Most people just want to get to the basics. You can do the same thing with your cybersecurity by taking time now that you know how to use your Internet connected device. Choose to learn new habits. It may be as simple as learning how to create more secure passwords and be able to recall them without needing to write them down or making them weak. Better yet, if you do want to learn a new habit that uses an app then download a good password manager. There are several available that are free or very inexpensive. I personally use "Lastpass" and pay the annual fee of $12 a year. Yes...that is $12 a year...not $12 a month and no I don't get anything from Lastpass for recommending their product. What I do get is the satisfaction of knowing anyone who decides to use Lastpass or a similar app will be learning a new habit while learning how to use the app. They will be more secure which is my goal.

Cybersecurity for Everyone.

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